About Me

Did you know that a recent Princeton University study states that you have 1/10 of a second for someone to decide who you are and how they will then relate to you.

I have the privilege to help you create the look and story you want people to see,  My name is Sharleen Herz and I am an Style Coach and Personal branding consultant.

How can I help you create a winning narrative?

After thirty years as a dentist, I finally got my real gift: I make people smile on the inside, and bring that smile out. I help you align your physical presentation with the value you provide.

I get to use my eye for detail and color that I developed from being able to match a tooth shade without looking at the (35 shades from shade of off white on shade guide) and my innate sense of style to make you stand out and show up!

As the mother of 4 boys, I have the duty to be the example for what a powerful successful woman is all about I being that experience to you!