Dress to Impress Tips # 12 and 13

So how do you nail your first impression on line?

How do you show up looking fabulous, feeling confident and rocking your first impression?

It’s about eliminating distractions so people can hear your message and get the value you have to offer

# 12 Stripes are evil

Thin horizontal stripes cause a moire effect, a buzzing on the moniter, which is extraordinarily distracting.

Vertical stripes will cut across your frame and make the limited amount of space you have in your frame look truncated

# 13 Mind your neckline

A crew neck will cut you off at the base of you neck.

A slight v-neck or the illusion of a v are not only more flattering but draw the eye down and in creating a cleaner leaner line.

A button down shirt should either have the top one or two buttons unbuttoned or but on an interesting tie, the knot will form that illusion of a v-neck.

If you must wear something close to the neck, add a scarf or a drop necklace which will add to the illusion!

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