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10 in under 5 minutes

10+ things you can do in 5 minutes or less, to look and feel better in person or online!

  1. Wear a color that makes you happy. A tie or a scarf can turn blah into wow!
  2. Spray on your favorite fragrance, we have sensory memories, fragrance can make you feel powerful, confident or sensual and sexy. If you don’t have one you can try here if you don’t have one yet, we can find one together.  Here or
  3. Where clothes that are appropriate AND comfortable. I can help you here. Remember what your Mother used to say “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” my caveat is that the clothes make you feel fabulous!
  4. Take a minute to breathe…my personal favorite is box breathing…breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 5, breathe out for 5, hold for 5 and repeat for at least a minute. OR 4-7-8 breating
  5. Remind yourself, that people want to like you. And if they don’t, that’s their problem, not yours.
  6. Have a glass of water, staying hydrated keeps you mind sharp
  7. Be clear on what you want out of the interaction, as much as we are (mostly) social creatures, there is usually an underlying reason, even if it’s fun and friendly, that we are there, and yes having fun and supporting friends is an underlying reason, and sometimes we need to get out of our own heads and be with the other person.  It is always more attractive to be out there with the people, than stuck in your own head.
  8. Smile even internally, even an internal smile makes you light up
  9. Make eye contact.
  10. Be confident, fake it until you make it. Smile head held high, good posture and look people in the eye. Be positive. Be kind.
  11. Write down 3 things you are for which you are grateful, now
  12. Acknowledge what is there anxiety, fear of failure, “what will they think of me” all the disempowering conversations in your head and choose something else, you are bigger than those thoughts repeat to yourself “I am enough!” ala Merissa Peer
  13. Envision yourself being “that” person.  Your future, successful, confident self.  That is who you are now. Your Imagination is a powerful thing.
  14. Okay so this isn’t a 5 minute one, but if you do this you won’t need most of the others…

Eat well, Exercise, SLEEP enough and do some sort of mindfulness, acknowledgement, and or gratitude exercise

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How to wear color with confidence

Photo by Ricardo Moura on Unsplash

I couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. I remember my favorite dress, it was perfect, red velvet with a wide skirt. I used to imagine I was a princess or a ballerina, dancing around the house. I felt beautiful and unstoppable and that anything was possible as long as I wore my dress. I cried when I outgrew it.

Now they say that clothing maketh the man, that outer sensations affect our behavior, emotions and state of mind, that color affects mood…think elementary school grey, hospital green….

But what about how knowing you look your best makes you feel? A big part of that is color.

Color can make you happy or sad, confident or diffident, at ease or uncomfortable. We don’t even realize how much we are influenced by the colors around us, imagine how the colors we wear influence how we feel and how others feel about us.

And yet, choosing what color to wear, can be a bit overwhelming especially if what’s trendy is a color that just doesn’t look good on you, or even on most people (mustard, anyone?)

So, how do you introduce color to your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed?

Start small, add a scarf or a tie to an all black outfit.

Better yet, start moving away from black.

Find a color that makes you happy and buy things in that color family.

Different colors (and in all their shades ) bring up different emotions

Red stimulation, energetic, courage and strength

Blue intelligence, mental focus, logic and calm

Green confidence, love, peace, harmony and balance

Yellow self esteem, confidence and creativity

Blended you have a whole kaleidoscope of emotions portrayed.

Again start small, you don’t have to go bold, just give it a try. and if you want someone to hold your hand and guide you, feel free to drop me a line

I’d be more than happy to join you on an adventure in color!

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10 Tips to looking your best on video

Photo by Josiah Lewis on Unsplash

“G-d looks on the inside, people look on the outside. Make sure the outside is a major reflection on what is on the inside.” Jim Rhon

Sometimes you need to start with the superficial so that people will listen to what you have to say. It’s even more important now with so many people doing video, be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Zoom. We need to catch and keep their attention from the first second. A Princeton University study shows that people make up their minds in as little as 1/10 of a second whether or not they like you. So how do you keep them from swiping left? Here are 10 tips to help you look your best:

  1. Find the best light, natural light is ideal if you can, and make sure your computer is between you and the light so you aren’t in shadow. Use a ring light if you need to.
  2. Make sure you are looking into the camera, and not talking to yourself. A simple trick is to make sure the camera is at or even a little above eye level. Raise your chair or put you phone on a tripod or your laptop on a stack of books. It might feel weird no talking to the person you see on screen, if it helps put a picture next to your camera and talk to it.
  3. Think “smile” it lifts your eyes and makes people like you. check out Mark Bowend just don’t dress like he does.
  4. Sit up straight.
  5. Background, background, background. Simple and uncluttered are the best. Some platforms offer virtual backgrounds. Use them.
  6. Go Neutral. Match you lipstick to the shade on the inside of your lips. The color can be fun, but it shouldn’t clash with your underlying skin tone. Go neutral and matte. Make sure your lips are as symmetrical as you can. Same for a beard, if you happen to have one.
  7. Keep your clothing simple, loud patterns can be distracting. This doesn’t mean you need to wear black, white, or beige I would even recommend going with navy or brown, burgundy, red, purple even turquoise is great as long as it’s not shiny….be wary of green if your using a virtual background, you might end up making yourself disappear.
  8. If you are going to wear color pair it with a neutral, unless your in fashion it doesn’t show up well on the small screen
  9. A simple open neck T-shirt can be dressed up with a suit jacket, again keep the colors simple but easy on the eyes. Avoid yellow, it’s hard to find a good one that will show up well on screen.
  10. Watch your neckline, the camera only shows the upper 1/3 of you body at best..few people look good in crew necks try a square or “u” or a “v” neck or even a turtleneck, a beautiful scarf or interesting tie can make all the difference in how people see you.


You want them to stay and listen to what you have to say.

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